Storytelling, Empathy, and Peacebuilding


"When you tell me your story, you invite me into your world."

A conversation, a sharing of stories. In collaboration with Winnipeg-based, Gaser-Bridge, and featuring lzzeddin Hawamda, Aaron Mckay, Dr Chigbo Arthur Anyaduba and Shayla Elizabeth.

Event Host: Dr. Adam Muller, Director, Peace and Conflict Studies Graduate Programs

This event was born out of the desire to hold conversations on challenging and difficult subjects - including violence, racism, traumatic legacies, community ruptures, systemic injustices, etc. - through storytelling and poetry that may be based on personal or group experiences and/or research.

Our hope is that storytelling can grant access into some of the most difficult experiences that people are grappling with while also encouraging empathetic listening and understanding of otherwise challenging, and often controversial, positions on conflicts and crises.

Importantly, we wanted this event to mobilize voices that have been marginalized or discarded in conversations about different forms of human wrongs, pains, and injustices.

We are very appreciative of the support through the hosting and attendance of this event. We are hoping to plan more events of this kind in the future. Please check back for information about upcoming events!

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